Wednesday, 6 November 2013


BLIP - Bend It Like Picasso

Rediscover the hidden Picasso in you!!!

This is for the individuals who aspires to draw like Picasso the great; well this app brings you more feasibility to capture your thoughts by drawing. This is for every age group and certainly there are no restrictions for their creativity.

BILP is an Exciting Coloring activity for kids of all ages. The BILP app offers a real life coloring effect with the touch of a finger, because sometimes we like to draw outside the lines. With a Variety of Bright and vibrant colors BILP offers a new way to show off your creativity. You won’t have to worry about buying expensive markers and crayons. Best of all BILP offers a No Mess platform. The touch sensitive screen is easy to pick up and play for both kids and adults.

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Gonzo Maps are a fun and easy way to take your family and friends with you as you travel the World. Use our Picture and Video platform to chronicle your travels. Follow others as they take the world by storm. Let other Gonzo'ers know about local hot spots in you city. Share your videos on twitter and Facebook. 

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